Thursday, September 1, 2016

When you rein in your crazy...

Every other week I do my grocery shopping.  I generally go the same place on the same day and it's usually my lunch treat day.  Since my big girls are off to college, I now have noone to help be a set of eyes in the stores.  Going out with Lillian and Ezekiel is a challenge, as I've mentioned before.  So, on our way to our destination, I realize we need to eat lunch and I just happen to be right beside a burger king and decide that's where we're going simple because it's convenient.  Noone is in the restaurant, we go in, get a bathroom break, come out and wait for someone to take our order.  First off, I'm ignored and someone behind us is waited on, ok, fine, whatever, no biggie.  I place my order, Ezekiel in front of me, Lillian beside me.  As I turn to go to the drink machine...a man behind me is removing his hand from Lillian's shoulder and backing away.  I'm telling you, I almost went ballistic.  I shot him a dirty look and headed for the drink machines....ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? DO NOT TOUCH MY KIDS....seriously what is wrong with people???  And that same group of men kept looking at her and waving at her, only when I wasn't watching, and I'm pretty sure one of them took a selfie with her in the background.You know how the little voice gives you the warning, it was a screaming loud voice during this ordeal.  I was totally creeped out.  Afraid to walk out by myself and decided to just wait them out.  They were clearly on their lunch break.

As I'm trying to get drinks, you know burger king has those pick a million drink flavor machines, I am having trouble with the one machine and just cannot manage to keep the screen from flipping, I move down to the other machine to look down and notice Ezekiel is pushing the handicap buttons....I finally get the drinks, get seated, and realize I have no straw. I go up and a different group of men, clearly on their lunch hour, are up at the drinks and one guy is blocking the straws and I reach around him and he proceeds to tell me how tickled he was and how funny he thought it that I was having such a hard time with my drink predicament.    Hello.  What do you say to that?  I laughed him off and told him I was glad I could entertain him.  Really, I mean do you suppose he might have offered to tell me what was going on rather than watching me struggle?  Common courtesy is dead, I think at times.  Strangest day I've ever experienced in the public.  Or why did he think it would funny to tell me he enjoyed my struggling? Neither group of these men were older people there were my age or a bit younger.

Ironically, the last time I took them by myself was very stressful and this time was no different.

In other news, Lillian is healthy and her next dentist appointment is in a short six days.  Please be in prayer that calmness would flow over her and she can see that this process is not painful .  oh, and pray for me is very anxiety filling to walk through these days and hold her down with brute force.  It's just hard.  You know how most kids grow out of such fears?  Lillian has grown into them and there is no reasoning with her.

I leave you with this, enjoying poppy-cickles in the garage....

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  1. What a horrible experience, I'm sorry you had to go through that. It really puts a damper on going anywhere!