Sunday, November 20, 2016

Birthday Countdown five days until 10 years!

Sorry I missed a day, life happened here in the Halcomb household.  I'm sure you get it.  As of today, I'm no longer going to recall Lillian's previous years.  I've been writing about her life for almost the entirety of her life (the previous web page I used was taken down so I'm missing all of her first year).

I find myself sad recalling those days.  This has been a hard, hard journey for her, for me, for our family...and most of these years have been filled with fear, heartache, struggle, and unknowns.  There has been joy, love, and laughter too, however, this is always a bittersweet time of year for me personally as it is the start of a life that will never be the same.  If you really are interested in the journey of the past, you are able to go back and read all the way to the beginning of this blog.

This ten year celebration may be the end of my public blogging.  I do love knowing that people are praying for her, for us.  A lot of time, I feel like I'm just saying the same things over and over again.  Maybe all that just needs to be private for me after this point.
Anyway,  I'm going to finish the countdown this week with daily pictures.  Her tenth birthday celebration blog, may well be my last.  Thanks for reading, thanks for praying.  Continue to hold her there.
Here are some photos from today of Lillian holding her baby doll Bethany and Grandma gave her as an early birthday present.

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