Monday, November 28, 2016

What a delightful, joyous day!

I think this might be the most exciting birthday Lillian has ever had.  She truly enjoyed herself.  Yes, we had an enormous cake...and yes it is store bought.  Every time we visit Sam's club she goes right to the cake section and oohs and ahhs over the cakes and picks out the same cake every time that she wants me to we bought her a cake.  We were expecting a couple friends and family that did not show up...but hey, a special girl deserves a giant cake!

I don't mind saying, and hold your breath because I know it's hard to believe, as I gave thanks for our lunch of "noodies" (picked by the birthday girl) I started to cry as I gave thanks for her too.  Someone said, why are you crying and I said, through tears, because I'm happy. (with a most hideous cry smile I'm sure, as I'm not one of those pretty criers...ahem, I digress)

I truly felt joyous.  I felt a deep stirring in my soul of what I can only describe as joy.

So, here's 10 things I'm thankful for

1.  I'm thankful for 10 years to celebrate
2.  hard days that remind me to be grateful for the good ones
3.  family that loves our girl
4.  friends who pour into her life and ours and are family now, too
5. daughters that cherish and love a little sister that made their lives a  harder, yet they don't view anything as lost
6.  strength when my own is gone
7.  the chorus of voices singing happy birthday
8. prayer warriors standing in the gap for Lillian and our family.
9. the ability to care for Lillian
10. God who is faithful.Always.

See these pictures?  Joy, pure joy.  Keep praying, prayer warriors, continue to stand in the gap.  You are a part of our journey too.

Happy first decade my sweet girl, I love you so much and the joy you fill me with is immeasruable.  I look forward to the next decade with you, Love Mommy.


  1. Happy happy happy birthday Lillian!

  2. It was a wonderful day! So blessed by this miracle girl!! Here's to ten more years!!!

  3. Wow that was a huge cake, but how fun is that?! And that last picture... you're right, absolute joy!