Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kentucky and a Puke Fest

We are back from the Kentucky cardiologist...who was FABULOUS. Superbly nice man. Did her echo himself, which I really liked. He said he didn't see any evidence of the VSD...wahoo---however.......there is another hole, that we have NEVER been told about, that 50 % of kids have. He says that one is still open and if it doesn't close they can do it in the cath lab. He said it should be by the time she is 3. He said overall she looks great from a heart standpoint and he would see her again in a year.

Now for the interesting part of the day....the kids have been in charge of taking all Lillian's bags to the car, for some time, and of course they are also very anxious to be in the car and waiting. Well, we were roughly 20 minutes away from the house when I looked back and found that noone had grabbed her suction.....I had to do a uturn on the interstate, go back home, so basically blew my time frame all to pieces. Get home, find out they didn't get the suction or the trach bag......the two most important items that we must have. Of course, MOTY didn't check bc this is a routine that we have had for a long time. Despite that we get back on the road and on the destination. We get off on our exit and I'm needing gas, running late and not sure where the road is that I was expecting to turn on. So this nice man gives me directions and as I'm standing there pumping gas, the guy wearing his big baggy shorts and ghetto shirt comes walking by and checking me out. Now, I'm not one to think men look at me. AT ALL. But it is difficult to ignore someone who is walkign right beside you and gooning at you. Anyway, I ignore him...BUT as he walks back by his is muttering things at me under his breath...flashing his big old gold teeth smile at me and I believe talking about my "fine you know what as I'm pumping my gas" you can guess it---make the rhyme. I was NEVER so anxious to get in my car and get out of dodge. He backed his car up behind me.....*shivers* yuck.

On our way home, Lillian puked most of the way....but that is par for the course. Thankfully she is good to go from a heart standpoint and we see them again in a year.

In 12 days we head back to pulmonary and ENT.


  1. Scary!! I would have been peeing my pants!!

    Good knews about her heart. Is the doctor gonna plug up the whole?

  2. I meant HOLE. Gosh, my spelling sucks:)

  3. You sexy thing you!!!

  4. I'm laughing! I'm sorry but i can't help it. I think it was the gold teeth that did it. You painted one heck of a visual for me.

  5. I had one of those kind of awful days on Friday - I just wanted to get home and put my head under the covers... Mind I didn't meet anyone with a scary smile!

  6. Meant to say - I've changed my icon Michelle from a sheep to a Forever Friends bear. Just incase you wondered where your 'follower' went!

    Wendy xx

  7. Good to hear about her heart being well enough you won't have to go back for a year. That's excellent!

    And, can I just say EEEWWW EEEWWW EEEWWW!!!! about the creepy guy at the gas station. Creepy!

  8. I'm adding you to my blogroll. Good blog, Chelle.