Saturday, August 22, 2009


Is she better, well, she tried to trick me yesterday, acting all happy and playful and aside from giving her treatments every 3 1/2 hours, she seemed to be doing quite well. (did I say treatments that frequent?? shhhh, noone has to know but us) Today-AWFUL-back to puking quite badly, fever has returned with avengence, and basically laying around pretty listless. Now, if we examine the history of the sweet little princess, she does tank and this would be right aroudn the right time. Her sats are still ok, 93-95 while sleeping and I just keep floating on the bubble of should i take or should I not. I did start her on tobramycin treatments as well, which has cleared up secretions from green to white. I think the good news is her cough is very productive. At least that junk is coming out. Monday we are supposed to go down to KY for the pulmonologist...good timing, right? I do believe tonight I will continue doing treatments through the night to help her have a better morning.

In total, now, since Lillian has been sick, every one of the girls are sinus-y and not feeling great. School has only been in session for a 7 days and here we go. *sighs*


  1. You're always filled with good news(can you hear my sarcasm) My heart breaks that Lillian is always puking... I hate to puke more than anything in the world and this little sweetie just lives her life with it. Next post you write, tell us she not puking, Please! Sending my biggest stop puking and feel better prayers !!

    BTW, I think you are an incredible mom!!!

  2. Heavenly Father
    Please give Lillian rest today from all this puking. Please also give the girls relief from their sinus problems. More than anything, may this family continue to grow in grace and receive strength from You to enable them to cope with the additonal pressures regarding Lillian's illness.

  3. I came here hoping to read that she was doing better! I'm so sorry to read that she is not!

    I'm dreading the start of school and winter and all the germs that come along with them! UGH!

    Hang in there! I'll be praying! I hope she gets to feeling better soon and that the appointment goes well! HUGS!!!