Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lather, Rinse, Repeat...

This is how I feel sometimes....this post is probably going to be very similar to my last. Lillian continues to struggle with vomiting......AND constipation. I've decided this is her life and that is how things will be. As long as she doesn't start losing weight and looking sickly I'm just trying to go with the flow. The one troubling thing was, typically her night drips go undisturbed...however, this last week or so, she has been vomiting in her bed as well. Nothing like having to roll your baby all over the place and get her changed bed changed, settled back down...sure vomit fest is finished.....every.single.night. Makes for tons of laundry too, albeit a minor issue. Not complaining...just trying to explain. So, the vicious cycle continues with the unpleasant. I think it is the worst feeling to be so helpless to do all that you can and still not be able to help your child. She also has had an ear draining, which if you've followed you know, goes hand in hand with the vomiting. Things have been moderately better today, but it seems to be a daily change, one better day, one horrible day. This has also halted feeding attempts which we were trying to accomplish, but oh well....

In other news, she is continuing to learn new signs and the big sisters treat her like a trained monkey getting her to do any and everything she will copy. It is cute, but you know kids, they continually make her do things over and over again and typically things that will not improve her communication skills at, can't seem to bridge the gap to them....

She is no longer receiving PT because no therapist in this county wants to take her case. Not really sure why other than the fact that they would only be with us until November. I've been told it's bc noone has I'm trying to not focus on the negative and hope we don't lose ground. Still feeling pretty confident that I don't want her to attend public school at age 3 due to the germ factor...but time will tell. Lots of new things coming up this month.

So that is how Lillian's world is turning these days.


  1. Hon, I feel for you. How exhausting! Lil is gonna be 3! So is my little one!

    I hope Lillian likes the farm!

  2. Ugggh, that must be so exhausting and heartbreaking for you. I hope things will get better for her real soon! I'll be praying!

  3. You poor Momma! Vomit at night would not be fun! I guess it's not fun ANY time, but at night and in heart hurts for you!

    Praying for you both! HUGS!!!

  4. So sorry Lillian is still having to go through all this. And you too, of course.

    I agree with you about the public school and germs. I know I am leery of it and Marissa has proven to be a relatively healthy kid.

    Hugs and prayers to you both.