Saturday, April 2, 2011

Complete? Did I say complete?

You can imagine my horror when upon cleaning my very messy desk...I came across the last little stack of pictures from Lillian's first year. ARRRGGGHHHHH. I just CANNOT believe it. Fortunately, the way I laid out her birthday pages, I can still add in the pictures that I missed. Today, my niece came over and we scrapped the afternoon away. Kind of. Her baby boy was fussy today, which is unusual, so we had many interruptions. I was able to complete several pages and I think I have two to three more to go. Problem with working on a particular theme, I feel like I'm making the same page over and over again. So, my recent excitement at having completed her album was a short lived celebration...I just hope I can fit the rest of the pages in the same book. It is getting pretty fat. Oh well, gave me a good reason to get my desk better cleared and challenge my brain a little. Lillian is still draining like a faucet and now it is bloodier than ever. Is it possible that nasal washes are irritating her more than helping? I mentioned Amanda being her with her baby. She is nursing and now Lillian is "nursing" baby Ally. I just about cracked up when I figured out what she was doing. My sister always used to be so appalled when my other kids emulated nursing with their dolls when I was nursing Madeline. Never a dull moment in this house.

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