Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vestibular Eval

Today we made an early morning run to KY for Lillian's vestibular eval. I have to say, the doctor was fabulous. Very sweet and friendly. Aside from driving past the building three times, I finally made it there with a pounding headache...(bc I hate to be lost). It was an interesting evaluation. We have had concerns about Lillian's steadiness and sometimes seeming dizzy. It seemed related to ear infections,which makes perfect sense. I found out today, and I probably should have already realized it, knowing Lillian is delayed also means her vestibular function is also delayed. All of the things kids learn from birth builds their vestibular movements. Since Lillian did not start walking until the age of two, her vestibular abilities should be considered delayed about two years. It was a light bulb moment for me. Seriously. She said a lot of times, therapist will work with a child on a level where the child should be without considering she needs to go through all the steps she missed being developementally delayed. I'm probably not explaining this very well....since she is 4, therapy might be focused on what a four year old should be doing...not necessarily what a 2 year old does. Make sense? Ironically enough, many of the activities we discourage the kids from doing with Lillian too much, are the very things she told me to start doing with her twice a day if we can. How's that for MOTY? I couldn't get over it, as I thought about it. I mean, spinning or twirling. This activity builds her balance. Who knew? Walking or bouncing on soft surfaces. (She sent us home with a big old piece of foam). Did you realize these little activities that just seem to be fun, are actually exercises in building balance?I thought it was cool. Anyway, the best news, there is no vestibular "problem" per se. I couldn't give you the technical terms she used, but Lillian does not have anything that is out of whack... her issues are basically from delay. Not ear or eye related. This is good. We have to go back next month for some additional testing and a hearing eval. They are getting in new equipment specifically for pediatrics they are going to evaluate her with further. I highly recommend this facility if you live in the southern area and need help. Heuser Hearing Institute. Nice, clean facility right near 65.

In other news, have I ever mentioned how much I love watching her run. OH, what a blessing. In the car on the way down this morning, KLOVE was playing Mandesa's Only the World, and all of sudden I hear, "Wooo" and Lillian was bobbing her head and clapping her hands to the beat of the music. It was awesome. The drive down and back was pleasant, it rained only while we were in the clinic and not while I was on the road. I am so thankful. I dreaded going somewhere I've never been before because I hate getting lost. Once I drove around the block twice, I called and noone answered the phone, my stress level really went up. It all worked out though, I feel so peaceful right now.


  1. So glad the visit went well, and that you got some great advice! Hope it helps her!

    Reading this also reminded me of something my husband was taught in PT school. He said that children who are speech delayed should also do crawling exercises each day. I guess that speech develops when babies are crawling, so sometimes if they go back to crawling, speech can improve? Our 2nd son had speech issues and my husband used to have him crawl around the room, even though he was 5 years old! I thought he was crazy, but it did seem to work! :) Hugs!!!

  2. I love those Aha!! moments. I hope the new info helps. She's movin' right along!!