Monday, April 11, 2011

Warrior Mama goes to bat

I've spent five days discussing this speech issue with Matt and praying in depth for a clear, concise answer. These are the days that my people pleasing personality get a real swift kick. I admit, I'm a people pleaser. I don't like to make waves. I don't want to be viewed as difficult. I decided I would go in and just discuss my concerns with the rehab manager and depending on her response, I would know what steps to take next. So today, on a nauseated stomach and a restless, sleepless night I prayed all the way to rehab that I could muster God's strength to clearly communicate my position without having a total meltdown...and friends, you know I'm prone to the meltdown. I nervously approached the desk and asked to speak with the rehab manager. We stepped in the room and I laid my case. Me: Mrs. Speech has informed me that Lillian's half hour session is being dropped in order to see children on a waiting list. She states that we will progress back to her 2 hour sessions in summer. I don't understand how adding more children will ensure Lillian's ability to get her time slots back. I feel there is a lack of commitment for Lillian. I didn't like it when her hour was dropped to half an hour, but I feel I've tried to be flexible and reasonable but this is just not something I feel or her pysician would feel is acceptable. Lillian, herself, waited on a list quite some time, nearly a year, before being able to be seen by this clinic. If Mrs. Speech feels like she is at an impass with Lillian, then I would just rather be told that and find someone who can work with her. I like Mrs. Speech, but I will go back to her old therapist and drive half an hour or whatever need be in order to get her what she needs. I feel I've been placed in a situation of a rock and a hard place. Moving her, would then cause her to go an entire month without therapy due to insurance authorization. I just want her getting the therapy she needs and speech therapy is her greatest need. Yes, she gets 30 minutes of speech at school, but that is not always one on one and they don't work on feeding at all. Ms Rehab Manager: Ok, I need to speak with Mrs. Speech and see why Lillian's time is being dropped. If she is progressing so well or there is attention span issues. Me: Not as it has been explained to me . ( i reiterate why time is being dropped.) Ms. R.M.: ok, i would not want Lillian to leave. Let me talk to Mrs. Speech. I leave and, Lillian's OT takes her and Isabelle go to get her belly xray and get her back to school. I return, again nervous, Mrs. Speech brings Lillian out and gives me a short report. Mrs. Speech: So I get the feeling you don't want to drop her time. Me: I talked to Ms. R. M. Mrs Speech: Yes, I know. Me: No, I don't want to drop her time. Mrs. Speech: Ok, then we will add her back. I'm not really sure where my communication skills lack. I told her Wednesday that I didn't want to do it. Should not have been a surprise, I will say, though, that they present it as if you have no choice but to do what they say. I keep getting that experience. May I once again state that I DO NOT have a medical degree. Anyone missing that BIG fact? I depend on the them. An uncomfortable morning, but with a positive result. AND guess what? I didn't even shed a single tear. WAHHOOOEEEE! How's that for answered prayer? Thank you God for Your strength.


  1. a. Go you for not crying! I would've been because I cry when I'm mad or frustrated. And I would have been both!
    b. I hate it when they present things like there is no other option.
    c. I hope Mrs. Speech gets reemed a little bit for doing that.
    d. Is it wrong for me to wonder if she can get paid more for 2 half hour kids than 1 hour kid? Yes, I'm evil like that. 98% of people are motivated by dollar signs.
    e. Good job, mama!

  2. Good job! Keep up the advocating!!!