Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Charlotte's Web and a Crazy Mom

Lillian is recently loving Charlotte's Web.  We are watching it every night before bed.  It cracks me up when she giggles in the same places every time.  Like when Charlotte is telling Wilbur she doesn't eat the bugs she sucks their blood and Wilbur says yuck.  She cackles every time.  I was thinking two nights ago that I may have seen it a few too many times as I was starting to think things like, gee, Wilbur's kind of a whiner....and how did he learn the word objectionable just after he learned to speak.  (maybe a few too many viewings you think?)  She always has me fast forward through the slow song when he's sad about being killed.  Then, I got to thinking what a positive message there is in it for her in particular.  You know the part when the runt gosling is born and Wilbur breaks into the song, "we've got lots in common where it really counts" the song talks about the unimportant ways they are different, like the runt gosling as webbed feet and wilbur has hooves, but they both use them to move about.  I kept thinking what a positive message this is to my sweet little angel.  So, even though I can now almost recite the entire movie by heart, lol...I will watch it with her as long as she likes.

She is struggling  with her ears oozing which is causing her to cough.  I've also found that if she is off her pulmicort more than one day she is coughing badly with activity and just in general.  Dang asthma. We are scheduled for follow up with ENT in Feb.
 Did I report that I got  the IV gentamycin approved to get from our regular pharmacy? Of course, I had to make several phone calls and even after the PA letter came I had to call them and get it set straight. Woo hoo.  Course, I get one thing settled and another issue takes it's place.  Insurance has basically denied her speech therapy.  They will only approve 7 visits.  Time for appeals.  If I have to appeal it, it actually goes before a judge.  Kind of crazy, the letter even says I can get legal aid if need be.  Good grief.  I'm just praying for favor and that our therapist who has already asked for an administrative review will get what we are asking for.  Stressful.  We should have an answer in 7 days on the adm.  review if I understand the paperwork correctly. 

School is going well for her.  She has a lot of trouble with attention span and her OT at rehab is starting to make reference that we may need to dig into that deeper.  Not sure what that means, but it makes me feel edgy.

My darling girl has dozed off and it's time for me to head to bed.  Good timing as I will not have to hold back my tears as Wilbur is at the fair now and.. well... if you've seen the movie you know that Charlotte is saying goodbye soon.  *sniffles*

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