Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I felt so positive.  Yesterday.  Until about 2pm, while washing dishes I managed to slice my thumb to what felt like the bone.  (see, no good comes from Got it under control, but seriously felt like I need stitches.  Problem, I'm not showered...not even dressed.  How am I even going to dress without using my right thumb???  Anyway, I bandaged myself up finally and got ready for the day.  Lillian has school on Tuesday and Wednesdays out of town.  We swung by the pharmacy on the way home only to find the script I dropped off the day before had not been ordered or filled.  They have me sitting there waiting for half an hour before they let me in on it then proceed to tell me its going to cost around 100.00. And they borrowed this amount from the hospital and I'll have to come back for the rest.   Hello?  What about our insurance??  Well, today I've spent the day making phone calls getting letters written and calling the pharmacy and  Why is it always always ALWAYS a battle?  We pay and pay for insurance then we have  to jump through one million hooops to get it to pay.  Did you know I have to give a count of how many bags, tubes, formula cans I have before insurance will allow a feeding order to be sent???  NUTS.  I mean do they really think we are out on the street selling these things that our children need to survive?  And since I'm on the topic of pharmacy know I've not heard a word from CVS since they offered us their apology settlement?  It feels like salt in my wound.  Just another indication that they DO NOT CARE.  I think I'm being totally reasonable.  COME ON. insert very loud sigh. 
By the way, I fell down the steps today letting the dog out.  harhumph. 
Ok, maybe I feel better now that I've ranted. 

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  1. Insurance is a joke, although I'm grateful that Isaac qualifies for Medicaid. My husband and I pay through the nose for our premiums and get very limited benefits. What are we paying for?? Sorry you had a hard day:(