Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year

I cannot even believe Christmas and New Years have passed and here we are moving right along through January.  Christmas was SOOO much fun for Lillian.  She LOVED opening her presents, we couldn't give them to her fast enough.  When we were at my Mom's and she'd finished opening hers, she moved right along to helping her daddy with his...tee hee.  We got her an Innotab 2.  She seems to be doing pretty good with it, much better than I thought when I was messing with it myself.  I definitely have to stick with the 3-6 year old age range for her.  She has to really work on matching things up so it's great for her fine motor skills. 

Today she had a visit with Dr Lungs.  He now wants us to try inhaled gent 2/day for a month and then on zithromax for a month dosing on M/W/F then back to the gent.  back and forth for the next few months to see if we can keep infection down.  He noted fluid behind on of her ear drums which didn't surprise me due to the fact that she is hoarse and drippy.  Fairly quick appointment other than having to "play" doctor with a resident who was practicing his H/P routine on Lillian. It is exhausting to go through her entire medical history almost every time...especially since he told me he had it all there in front of him, he just wanted to go through it with me...I guess to see if I remember??  *shakes head* ....just another dollar in the parking garage I reckon....(eeek, there's my grumpy 3am start to the day attitude creeping in...) Seriously, I know they have to learn...but mercy. Wears me out sometimes. 

In the waiting room, ( we were quite early) there was another woman with a little girl.  The little girl was practicing her abc's with flash cards and I could tell she was a little delayed in her speech.  I asked Lillian not to play with the huge toy in the room bc of germs and the other mom says, "i know, it's been a bad month for her" and I agreed and told her Lillian has had a rough time too.  We chatted a little and seemed to have some common ground with our kiddos.  Her daughter was wearing a crocheted owl hat, super cute and as I shared with her how cute it was, she told me she made it.  This prompted me to ask her if she sold them, to which she took out a piece of paper and told me she was just going to make one for Lillian and send it to us.  She took down my address and after I told her we were the Seymour Owls, she asked for our school colors and said she'd get it to me in a couple weeks.  Wouldn't even hear of letting me pay her.  Can you believe that?  I'm not totally surprised because God just works that way.  You know how you meet some people and there is an instant connection?  That's how it was with this woman.  Someone who could sit beside you shake her head in agreement and you knew she knew, you know?

Recently, I wrote a post about my pharmacy.  You must read it to understand this next little bit...I was in there again prior to Christmas and purchased a couple more scarves, one as a gift and one I decided to keep.  I told her I thought I would have to keep the red and white one because I love red.  She came out to me as I was held up there a few minutes and shared how much it blessed her to see Lillian when I brought her in.  I took that moment to share with her I'd been praying for her for some time.  She started to weep and threw her arms around me...I was stunned.  She called me the next day and told me Lillian's meds were ready (which was weird because they never call) and then told me she made Lillian a scarf to match the one I said I was keeping for myself.  

As my friend MBS ( or was it SSM?) would say, God smiles.  :) There are days when I'm amazed by the extreme lack of care that seems to flow into our journey and then there are instances like these that I'm amazed by the extreme love and generosity we experience.  I need to remember to keep my focus on the latter. 

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  1. Good report........sorry I haven't been personally involved but I have had and still have crummy cold/flu(??) don't want to share it with anyone in your fam. you understand why I am sure.