Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Let me tell you a little true story...

Events in the past week have caused me to really exercise my self control.  I have been extremely dissatisfied with recent problems regarding the poor service provided by other companies in reference to the life of Miss Lillian.  I try really hard not to be all crazy town on these people who are causing us some serious grief.  In my head, I'm always telling myself, don't go off...don't be unchristian.  It's hard.  REAL HARD.  Honestly I want to scream and holler and be belligerent, but that doesn't do much good, but relieve my tension...mostly.  Well, when we moved down to this small town, I immediately chose to move our pharmacy needs to the family owned pharmacy here in town.  Clearly I have not had success with the large chain pharmacies. This particular pharmacy actually has some commercials referencing their "personal, caring, approach" to your medication needs.  Shoot, they even deliver.  So, from the outset of using this pharmacy I have encountered this woman who is always the "check out" person.  She has barely spoken to me, NEVER smiled and I was quite put out one day as I watched her not help a customer who was really struggling to find what they needed.  ALbeit, she did point out the area..but she should have come down and helped the person in my opinion.  It got so bad with this woman that I actually started to dread going in there because I knew I would have to interact with her.  Quite honestly there were probably times when I was frenzied and not overly friendly...but most of the time I tried the kill her with kindness routine.  I even started trying to pick up meds at night because I knew she would already be gone. the Lord put it on my heart to pray for her...I figured her life must be something terrible for her to be so unfriendly and borderline rude, so I'd pray and have a better attitude about it...and still try to avoid her.  Two weeks ago, I went in and saw her back there and was dreading even having to talk to her.  I had Lil with me.  I want you to know this woman came down out of the pharmacy, talked...smiled...tried to make friends with Lillian.  I was absolutely stupified.  I kept thinking, hey remember me...the person you  seemingly dislike?? I mean I was nutty about it I was beginning to think she somehow had some grudge against me that I was totally unaware of. I just could not believe the differnce I was seeing in this woman.   Last week, I went in and there she was and I inhaled sharply prepping myself for the encounter.  As I approached, I noticed a scarf she was wearing and the first thing I told her was how much I liked her scarf.  Her response was she made it and then she told me she had brought a bunch in to work with her to try to sell.  wait for it....before I could say anything she went on to say that she was trying to make money to purchase a headstone for her granddaughter who had passed away.  I was speechless.  I purchased to scarves and told her I was sorry for her loss...she stopped looked at me, smiled and said, "she's in a much better place".  Wow.  What a revelation that day.  I've been praying for this woman for close to two years.  You just never ever know what someone else is going through.  As bad as my days might sometimes seem and actually be...I'm not saving for a headstone. 


  1. Now I understand. thanks

  2. I get so tired of customer "service".....so many people have a bad attitude, and act as if they are doing us a favor by doing their job. Although this attitude bothers me, I recently said to my husband, that we don't know what each person is going through in their life. It may be hard to do, but we need to try to treat them nicely, even when they aren't giving us the same treatment.

    Great job praying for this lady! I bet you ended up being a blessing to her! Hugs!

  3. OK...You made me cry! Wow...you are right...we never know what others are going through! Beth I.