Saturday, November 10, 2012

what a day

Day before yesterday at 1:49 am, Lillian woke me up puking up her guts.  At first I just thought it was a cough that brought on a little throw up, but quickly found out that it was something more.  From then on, she went from every hour to every twenty minutes of throwing up.  It continued for the entire day and around three I remembered that I had a phenergan suppository in the fridge and gave it to her. I then called the pediatrician to see if I could get more.  Long story short, I finally got Lillian's actual doctor on the phone and after a brief discussion found that CVS had misfilled her prescription. So, without knowing I've overdosed her five times( four times in June  23 no wonder she remained so sick) on the drug.  The pharmacist  at CVS looked up the script and confirmed they did indeed fill it wrong.  She went on to tell me that i had no idea how bad it made a pharmacist feel to fill a child's medication wrong.  HELLO????  Try being the parent who administers the drug,  Thank God He has protected Lillian, but I wonder if this is what has caused her bowel problems.  She as quite catatonic-ish last night.  Looking very doped up.  She has not puked today yet.  I ran a twenty cc drip of pediatlyte through the night...she got less than ounce spread out over an hour.  She woke me at six this morning begging me for a drink.  A few sips of water and so far so good.  Her next real feeding is due at eleven, so that will be the real test.  Thank you for continued prayers and a quick apology to those I may not have responded to via text or fb, I was wiped out yesterday and we went ot bed quite early. 


  1. Yes, thank God He protected her from further harm. It must be awful being sick like this... I was sick this morning and that was bad enough, but to suffer sickness so often... God help her please. Strengthen Lillian's little body and may she experience peace.

  2. That is scary that they filled the script wrong!!! Glad she is feeling better! Praying she continues to improve! Love and Hugs!