Monday, November 5, 2012

Dr Heart Reports

After a long sleepless night, we were up early and headed to KY for Lillian's cardiology appointment.  She had an EKG and echo.  Both tests were good after Lillian calmed down.  Took a little while on the EKG.  She had equal pressures in her arms and legs and good femoral and pedal pulses.  The PFO is still open. He said he would pull her chest ct and see if her heart was truly enlarged..he said there can be discrepancies in the reading depending on who's doing the reading of the scan.  IF her heart is truly enlarged, they will want to see her again in a year, if not we are still on the two year plan unless symptoms arise.  Woo hoo for a good report.  He really is an awesome cardiologist, so personable and sweet to Lillian.  He just kept saying how cute she was.
Happy mom, happy girl, happy hearts!!!

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