Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Not everyday

but some days, the simplest things have to be so complicated.  Maybe the "simple" things aren't as simple as I think??  Example: My child's nebulizer machine bites the dust.  We've owned the machine almost 6 years.  I call the homecare place.  They just shift me over to someone else where I get no back and explain what is happening.  They tell me, "OHHHH, where'd you get the machine.  I tell them I'm not really sure, it's been so long, but perhaps praxair...then I say no..I think it came from (cr)apria bc that is who we started with.  They tell me to get an order and they will contact (cr)apria and find out about getting us a new one.  Ok, first off, if the machine is  under five years old, the company you got it from has to replace it free of charge.  Ok.  I am on the phone with this woman and she assures me it will all get taken care of as long as I get them an order and I will get a machine today.  As my daughter uses the machine multiple times a day. I ask, do I  need to call back and follow up on any of this..her reply..nope.  I say, I'm going to get it today, I need it today.  She says yep.
I'm gone all day.  Get home, have msg from the lady.  I call back,she tells me the machine is indeed over five years old and they are just getting me a new one from (cr)apria.  Now, friends, if you've been with us from the get go, you know how I feel about that company and will never give them another dime unless it is absolutely the last option I have.  Not a fan.  But here they are...just assuming and doing and not even asking ME, the customer where I want them to get the equipment. When I tell her no, I don't want it from apria, she then takes it upon herself to send it to some other small company in a town thirty minutes away that is already closed and may not get to it til tomorrow.  HELLO???  How many times did I tell the woman I needed it today???  Makes me want to pull out my hair.  I call a local (in my town) homecare company.  Call the lady back and tell her I want the machine from them to send the order to them bc I can for sure get it tonight.  She says...get it's right at 5 oclock.  She says, well, I'm supposed to leave at five so, I can't get to it. REALLY, she can't wait two minutes to for me to get a fax number called back to her?  Less than a minute later I call back with the number, have to leave a message on a machine, wondering and actually anticipating that I will not get the order to the local company tonight.  I show up at the local place and she was also clearly annoyed that I was coming in half an hour before her day was over. 
In the end, I know I have friends that I could get a machine from if necessary...but seriously.  This is the kind of system of things that I deal with all the time.  It's irritating and proves that these places don't give a hoot about my child.  Don't like your job?  Get a new one.  I'm sick of people who treat our life this way.  I'm sick of so called professionals being total failures.  Example: the manager from CVS called me and I'm not really sure what he wanted to hear from me.  I mean it was way past them doing anything for Lillian.  I'd already given her five overdoses.  He told me these type of incidences "go against" the person.  Really?  Just tired of feeling helpless.  I know people make mistakes, but we are talking about a whole bunch of people failing all the way around.  It's not ONE person who fills a script at the CVS.  Come on.
If you've made it to the end of this rant or whatever it is, thanks for hanging in there.  It's days like these last ones that make it quite clear to me why I'm nearly gray headed at the age of 36 and why I look in the mirror sometimes and see a tired face.  I understand why sometimes I feel like there is a piece of me that is missing and will never be the same. 
PS- she's still sick and coughing like a there's no tomorrow.


  1. Uggh...I totally hear you. The delivery person from our supply company was too lazy to bring Isaac's supplies to the door recently and just dropped the boxes off in front of the garage. We didn't find out until 5pm that they were sitting there. We had been home all day. So nice that people care about their jobs..not! I hate having to go through 5 different hoops to get something you need. So frustrating. I hope Lillian feels better soon:(

  2. It sounds harsh, because I used to work in the health care field, but I always say that they are all idiots! I have problems with every single person I talk to! Home care companies, pharmacies, hospitals and doctors offices. Why do any of these people work there if they dislike it so much?? Makes me crazy!

  3. I agree with Lacey. There is too much red tape and too many idiots holding up the tape and insisting it's someone else's problem that the tape is there. At the end of the day, I just want my kid's basic needs to be met. Like breathing. Kinda important.
    Wish we were closer--you could have borrowed our nebulizer, although Red has decided to pick up a barky cough this week. GAH!