Sunday, November 25, 2012


You  never really think about the significance of numbers...until you consider the life that asssociated with that number.  The life that, at times, has seemed so precarious and uncertain.
 You take special joy in the love of sisters...
 The thrill of opening new clothes.....
Sisterly dedication
 Showing off some new duds down to the boots.
 and even more love from cousins

 Grandmas who spoil you
 Daddy to cuddle you
 Friends that give you gifts to be silly with
 Mad dog cupcake fun...
 the joy, hope, and utter gratefulness captured in the click of a camera phone
ending with a big lipped candy pacifier smooch. Cards and phone calls..message and love from others.   Six years...a day we didn't know we'd have to celebrate.  Thank you God for your unending love, provision, and protection.  It isn't always easy or fun, but ALWAYS ALWAYS NEVER EVER taken for granted.  Happy Birthday sweet number five in my brood.  We look forward to another year and many more to come.


  1. Those boots are to die for! Happy birthday princess!

  2. Looks like she enjoyed her big day! She's so happy, and so cute! Happy 6th Birthday Lillian!