Thursday, July 8, 2010


We have returned home, trach-less. PRAISE. THE. LORD. Once again Lillian has taken us on a ride like no other. It appears that the hole began to heal again on it's own. Last Friday when it was so huge, I placed gauze and tape over her neck because I just couldn't look at it. It made me have anxiety attacks just seeing it. The doctor went in and did a scar revision. It all looks to be infection related. She could not push any air through the hole at all. They reinforced the incision and put a pressure dressing on. She didn't want to pull too much skin so it doesn't pull and make a wicked scar. If the seems somewhat confusing and hard to imagine, don't feel bad, bc it does to me and I'm living it and don't quite have the words to describe. She also did not do another bronch bc she just didn't want to mess around in there and cause unnecessary swelling. She is guessing that perhaps it did open and started healing up on it own.

She is pretty much looking like her self and acting pretty happy. YOu should see the monstrosity of the bandage on her neck. I am emotionally tired which makes me physically tired and it doesn't help that I don't sleep on the nights before surgery...go figure.

I had gotten a letter from her cardiologist to schedule a follow up appointment and I told Matt how I started to feel a little fearful about it. I don't look for negative things, in general, but it just seems that we are up then down and up then down, I have no desire for her to have to go into heart surgery again. EV-ER.
I will continue to take comfort in the power of prayer and how awesome God is. I know His hand is on it all, it's just hard for me to take my hands off....

Thank you for your prayers, love, and support.

The journey continues....


  1. Wow. SO glad she is trach-less. And so glad it looks like it is healing and getting better. What a little stinker to put you all through such a roller coaster!

    Always praying...

  2. OK, it is complicated but I know that no trach is good!!

    The journey continues and I'm comin' along for the ride. Us MOTY winners have to stick together!
    Sending prayers and hugs!!

  3. Yeah for no trach. That would have been a huge step back, and we want forward, however small forward seems to be sometimes!

  4. So glad the trach didn't make an appearance again :0) Yeah for healing on her own, our kids just seem to do things their own way. I know how you feel about cardiology praying for a smooth appointment with no suprises there.

  5. PLT!!! Tell Miss Lil to behave herself from now on!

    I hope and pray that it continues to heal and stays closed for good! This must be so scary to see this happening for you!

    Praying her cardiologist visit goes well too! I always dread those visits....the worry monster starts to mess with my mind!

    Love, Hugs and Prayers!!!

  6. So glad she doesn't need a trach!! Hope the cardiologist appointment goes well. I am not a hugely religious person but I believe God is good:)