Monday, July 19, 2010

Oh, granulation tissue, why must you interfere?

We made our follow up trip to KY with Lillian for her second stoma closure. It looked great until one day we took off the gauze and there was this little bubble. Like a little flesh bubble. It looks awful, truthfully, and weird. It did not garnish good looks from Dr Specialist ENT. (did you know there are specialists within a specialty? I love having this information...NOT) Anyway, she said she had just attended a lecture or class or whatever...probably a CME on stomas and they had recommended using ciprodex drops on the stoma and it gave great results. So, that is what we are going to start doing and see her again in two weeks. She said she just hopes that it is not growing on the inside as well......EEK GADS.

CRIKEY. I think that is all I can really bring myself to say now. ugh.


  1. What is up with that stoma of hers? Sending good vibes that this will work itself out.

  2. Dang stomas!! Skye has horrible granulated tissue around her stoma site as well, and her g-tube rubbing against it when its inflammed makes it worse!
    i hope the drops work!
    I was not aware of a specialist within a specialty!! haaha

  3. BROTHER! You must feel frustruated and worried! Praying this new plan works and her stoma stays CLOSED! Love, Hugs and Prayers!!!

  4. OK, it's a real hoot coming hear. I learn all sorts of new things, thanks to GOOGLE! Ciprodex are eardrops! And I'm now good with the word CRIKEY! Yes I googled it.

    Lillian your a tough cookie!!! make the drops work!!!


  5. I pray the drops work. Lillian, please stop giving your mom reason to say EEK GADS! and CRIKEY! While they are funny words, they almost never mean good things. And we only want good things for you!