Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ears ears ears ears ears ears ears ears ears ears ears

Anyone have a guess what this post is about?

Here is a phrase I grow very weary of hearing..."at least it's JUST an ear infection"

This is what an ear infection means for Lillian:

No nutrition, as she becomes a vomit volcano
Raging high fevers that cause febrile seizure
Vomiting 1/4 to half cups of snot no exaggeration
Sleep deprivation
Coughing to the point of bloody nose
General grumpiness and discomfort.

I'll spare you the details of the last two days, beyond the above, she is going back to surgery Monday or Tuesday to replace current T tubes and suction of ear canals. least it's JUST an ear infection.


  1. oh my poor girl and mom! I hope she gets a good antibiotic and the operation helps that sounds pretty miserable for all.

  2. seriously! You've been gone for so long and I was really thinking it was because you were just at peace! Silly me. Plus I'm not the evil friend I appear to be, our computer died and I lost all my email addresses and it didn't occur to me to use FB to check on you until the other day and you had already posted. FOTY, MOTY, just roll them in to one big award.

    And did someone actually say to you, "just an ear infection" Really??
    Hope the surgery relieves the issues.

  3. Long time no talk! Hopefully replacing the ear tubes and cleaning out those ears will help!

  4. Sometimes with our kids it doesn't take much to throw off the whole system. Isaac had an infection over Christmas and it made him miserable all over. Hang in there!

  5. Sounds horrible! Your poor girl must feel miserable! And, as the too! Praying the new tubes help her...and fast! Hang in there! Hugs!