Friday, February 25, 2011

A week of minor frustrations

Ever wonder if anyone is really truly overseeing all the things your special child needs? Me, me, me. Lillian gets therapy twice a week. An ot/pt cotreat on Wednesdays followed by a half hour of speech. She gets an hour of speech on Mondays as well. I've not been thrilled with only having an hour and a half of speech each week bc her needs are so great in that area, but hey I try to have an open mind when therapists make suggestions. Well, this Wednesday, I was greeted by her OT/ST and told they were going to cotreat her bc her PT was out in a conference. Aside from the fact they put on the spot in a waiting room full of people, I agreed, but left dissatisfied. They only did one hour of co-treat and that was it. I feel like I'm caught right in the middle, wondering if she is getting all the care she needs. I love our Pediatrician, but sometimes feel like noone is really overseeing her medical needs. I've have several conversations with four different nurses in the office and still am not totally sure anyone is getting where I'm coming from. I've never been totally thrilled with the cotreat aspect, but I'm a lay person, what do I know? All I do know, when she was in First Steps, the home therapy, she got one hour of OT and one hour of PT every week. Independently. So tell me how getting older would make her less able to tolerate that amount of time? I feel so helpless. I know it will get worked out, but it is just frustrating. She is still coughing quite a bit at night, which has me minorly concerned, but the only thing I can really do is medicate her and hope it doesn't get worse.
At the same time, Madeline is really struggling in school and I'm kind of getting what feels like a brush off there. It has been a trying week.

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  1. Well i have to agree with you co-treat sounds like your only getting half the goods to me. Trust your instincts mama always knows best.