Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thirty Five Years

I celebrated my 35th birthday yesterday. My fifth year being a Mommy to this special angel I call Lil' Bil. Well, maybe a little bit more than that, I'm counting her time inside as well as out. ;) . I completed one more page for her first year scrapbook. Stop laughing, I know she is over four and I'm STILL not done, BUT....I'm soooooo close, I have to look through my pics again, but I THINK I only have her first birthday, then it will be done. Two 12 x 12 albums full of the first year of her life. I was maniacal when I first started it, course, back then I had a home nurse. It is AMAZING to look back on those early days. To see how far she has come. One thing I find very strange, I don't even notice her trach and it was hooked up to humidified air for one solid year. I'm just drawn in by those BIG brown eyes of her. You know for most of her first year she laid in her bed? It blows my mind. She only had ONE return hospital stay in that year. I turned 31 shortly after she came home from the NICU. I cannot even remember that day. But today, I held her during church and walked her to the car and shared pop with her at lunch. Can't think of much to top that.


  1. Happy Birthday. I just turned the big 35 too. Time flies by too fast! You're way ahead of me on the scrapbooking, I stopped at 9 months for both kids. It's just so easy to do everything digital, but then having an album is a nice way to look back on those bittersweet times.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Love and Hugs!!