Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Allergy or not

Today we met with a new doctor in Lillian's life. Dr Allergist. Super sweet woman. Liked her immensely. She spent very much time with us and did not make me feel rushed at all. Allergy testing...that was not a pleasant experience and as it turns out, a fruitless one. It is good news, of course, that she does not have allergies. They gave her 30 sticks in the back of different allergens and she reacted to none of them. I keep telling myself I am thankful. I am. Really. Although I desperately want to cry a river because it just means (to me and for her) that is just another physiological/anatomical problem that is causing her so much trouble. I know it sounds so bizarre to be hopeful that they might find something, as to me it would also mean they could give her medicine or give us steps to take to give her relief. I refuse to cry. I want to, but I won't. Lillian is so blessed and has triumphed through so much...God continues to sustain her. The new doctor did order some immunology testing that we will have done when we go see Dr. Plastics at the end of June.

Her sinus CT came back showing sinus disease. They called in an antibiotic for her.

It is still very hard for me to believe that she has no allergies, you should see the way she sneezes when we go outside sometimes. *shaking head*

Love this pic of my oldest and youngest together. Sisterly love.


  1. There are so many times when I wished a test was positive, just because its an answer! An answer is better than not knowing, and not knowing how to fix it. I'm frustrated for you!

  2. Oh that's too bad hopefully she will outgrow some of this stuff. Love the picture your daughters are beautiful.

  3. Hi Lillian
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