Monday, May 9, 2011

Not Necessarily about Lillian, but it will affect her...

This is how my day went.... T-boned by a vehicle that failed to slow down at all for a stop sign.

My impact with a telephone pole...

I'm fine, shaken and bruised, Praise the Lord no serious injuries.

Biggest question...when will I have a vehicle again. Lillian's life is not to conducive to not having a vehicle. It will all work out...somehow.


  1. oh my sorry to see that.. I hope your insurance will provide you with a rental in the meantime.

  2. So so sorry that happened, but glad everyone is ok. Prayers!

  3. Well, that is the pits. Some days are like that. I understand the need for reliable transportation for a special needs child -- lived with that for years. When the car failed, used: taxicabs, buses & subway (yep, shlepped, laden with all the shtuff), neighbors (had some wonderful helpers there), colleagues from work (wonderful helpers there, too), relatives (of course), rental cars, ambulances, police cars, and so on. I hope some of the vehicles on that list provide some ways to help you and Lillian.