Tuesday, May 17, 2011

*cough cough cough*

Well, I thought we got through the snot, cough, puke cycle. I thought. Lillian is once again coughing her poor little head off. The snot isn't as bad, but I think that must be what's making her cough all night long. I don't believe she got any rest last night and neither did we. She was in our bed by 3 am and by 5 we turned off her feeding bc a puke fest was coming. I can't imagine that her little ribs don't get sore. Not sure if she's picked up a little bug, or maybe it's her ears, there has been some drainage.

School will be out soon and we are planning for her to attend the ESY. She will go three days a week from 830-1130. Mornings are really not her forte, so it will be interesting to see how she does. I am usually dragging her out of bed for appointments that early. Lillian is a a sleeper. She can easily sleep 12 hours plus. Anyone else's kiddos do that? I have had concerns and shared them with the PED. but they didn't seem to think it was a big deal. I just know none of my other kids slept that much at this age.

In other news, a friend of mine had given me a bunch of hand me downs for Lillian last November, and there was a nice little stack of summer shorts...I have been tearing this house apart looking for those clothes and determined they had just gotten thrown out when we moved. I was pretty sick about it. Yesterday morning, as I was dressing, I found them, they were in a tote in my closet. WAHHOOOO. It really made my day.

We missed her appointment with the new allergist because it was the day after the car wreck. Still ahve not gotten a rescheduled date for that...*note to self, call today again* I still don't have a vehicle, but I'm hoping to get a rental today. Lillian follows up with her plastic surgeon next month...looking forward to that appointment as we hope she will get the pharygeal flap this year.

I think that is enough rambling, I must get my chickens in the roaster or no supper for the children tonight...lol.


  1. Sorry to hear cough is back. Feeding at night is rough have you ever tried skipping that... that night feeding did me in my girl would wake from wet diapers or puke one or the other. I guessing LIllian tolerates it better then my girl did. Ashley is still tube fed but only milk after she eats her meals and some juice at snack time. She not drinking quite yet working on it just a little.

    My girl likes to sleep too 8pm until 7:30 or so .. and nap sometimes too. I think my girl tires out more them a typical kids I don't worry about it too much as I'm usually taking care of the others when she is sleeping. She occasionally nods off at school but they don't mind too much.

    Glad you found those clothes I love hand me downs too.. I've been getting lots for my youngest boy Taylor after I donated all of his brothers not really expecting a 4th silly me.

  2. Oh man do we have the snot fest here! I can't believe that Jax hasn't picked it up yet. Hopefully she's over it soon!