Friday, May 27, 2011

Versed, check, Sedated Sinus CT, check

Up and outta here after a rough night of nonsleeping. (my 11 year old awakened with stomach pain around 330am and I went back to sleep around 530) We got there, got registered and I have to tell you I was feeling a little out of sorts. I think it's because we'd never done this before at this hospital. The registrar didn't seem to have the tiniest clue what in the world she was doing and I began to wonder if she was even registering the right child. I'm hoping she was a newbie. We then get sent to sedation services and get asked to sit in a a partially closed off closet with white ugly walls and wait. Finally, a nurse takes us to a room then on to another room. I finally asked to be told how things are going to proceed and began to feel more at ease. Thankfully, Lillian responds very well to versed so she got 5 cc's of the drug in her gtube and after a short fight, submitted to the drug. The CT took all of 3 minutes and she slept more like and hour and a half. She slept all the way home. We got home I got her out to walk about 20 minutes and she boarded the bus to school. I thought the TA was going to have a conniption when I told her she'd just had a sedated CT. She's like, "do you really think she should come to school?" I told her it'd been quite a while and she was ok with it. I did try to call and discuss it with her teacher, but she did not answer the phone.Good grief, I wouldn't have sent her if she was wobbling all over the place or anything like that. I don't know, sometimes I just don't always know what the BEST decision is. Even after being a mother for 14 years, I think that is the hardest thing, knowing and doing what is always the best. Lord knows I've not always made the right choices, but what can you do but live and learn? Hopefully we will have some results Monday. Until then.

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  1. Wow, versed worked great for her! I remember mondo having versed just to take him back for surgery, and he waved goodbye to me like he was totally drunk! What a crack up.