Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shocking news

NOT. Even though we were confident Lillian only had an ear infection, I had to take her to the doctor this afternoon bc of her prolonged fever. Well, surprise surprise, she only has an ear infection. Her appt was at 140, I had an hours drive, she was only in the office about 10 minutes, and the rest of this time has been spent in the pharmacy. Long story short, I feel terrible, Lillian is in need of meds, and the pharmacy doesn't even have the courtesy to let me know I might need to come back in a while bc of problems with the script. GRRRRRRRRRRR Thanks CVS. A little communication goes a long way, too bad they didn't use any.

1 comment:

  1. The world would run smooth if people would just do their job! Especially for us medical mommies! I don't know how often I'm running around, or making a billion phone calls to fix mistakes. Sorry you had such a bad experience!