Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Brutal night

Lillian dozed beside me in the bed until about 11pm.  She began to writhe and whimper in her sleep.  Her facial expressions showed pain, she started reaching out to me.  Crying, she continued to twitch and grunt.  Something I'm not quite sure we've ever endured with her.  It took her about an hour, but she settled down and went back to sleep.  Round about 1am, she woke us screaming...I entered her room to find her face completely flushed and her vomiting.  She puked and puked and puked until her gagging, guttural retching, brought me to throwing up myself.  She jerked and pulled and cried out in pain.  It was really a stressful couple of hours.  I tried to comfort her, asking her if her belly hurt.  The grunting seemed so strange.  I was stuck, right there, not knowing what to do.  Something was wrong, I couldn't fix it, and she could NOT tell me what was happening.  This continued on for about a solid hour.  She finally laid down but continued to moan and grimace in pain.  I picked her up, tucked her into me and rocked as hard as I could on the bed.  I began to cry out to Jesus, in faith, to take away whatever was going on with Lillian, and give me discernment to know if I needed to take her to a hospital.  I must have done this for close to an hour.  She finally fell into a restful sleep and slept until we woke her this morning, our car wouldn't start and we had  to take Daddy to work.  She seems OK today.  I just started her first feeding of the day, so we'll see how it goes.  It's hard to be in this spot of wondering if a medication has caused this or if there is something related to the bronch, or if there is just something else going on in her body.  I'm thankful today for answered prayer.  She is seemingly no longer in pain and I hope whatever it is has indeed passed.  What a night.


  1. I would have freaked out. I always panic in situations like that. Panic, then pray! should learn to do as you did and go straight to the prayer!Glad she is ok today. Do you think it was just some thing random?? Hope it never returns!

  2. Yucky night! I hope she feels better soon and doesn't have to go to the hospital.