Thursday, April 12, 2012

at a loss for words

I just want to add a quick personal update, as I mentioned this in my last post.  I mentioned my laptop had died. 

Today, I returned home from Lillian's therapy to find a box at my doorstep, immediately I started trying to figure out what it was, medical supplies....maybe her new feeding pump,no they have to train me on that, they can't just leave it, have I ordered, I'm forgetful at times, but not that much.  I get Lillian in the house, open the box labeled, and find a new laptop.  Tears, nothing but tears, I'm holding them back even now.  Happy, joyous, thankful, TEARS.  The anonymous note inside put me right over the edge of grattitude.  I am so unworthy.  I feel so blessed.  I could go on on and on here, but THANK YOU.  Thank you for being His hands and feet.  I am so incredibly moved beyond anything words can express. 


  1. This is so heartwarming to read! I love that there are such giving people in this world! (Sometimes it's hard to see in these times!) I'm so happy for you! Couldn't have been gifted to a nicer lady! Hugs!

    *Thanks to this generous giver! Your gift to Michelle is a gift to many!*

  2. Seriously?? Wow! Awesome! But you deserve it!I'm catching up! Beem MIA for awhile.