Saturday, April 14, 2012

Here I am....AGAIN, pouring out my fears...

First off, I did just find out full day kindergarten is a go.  I read the news and the heat flooded my head.  I think my "stress rash" is already started.  One thousand and one concerns.  What about her feedings?  It is going to be a challenge, to say the least, to have her on a feeding at school.  Oh yeah, and then how are we going to fit in therapy....and certainly not least, how am I going to drag that poor baby out of bed every day??? Think I just ought to get on my knees and not stop praying. Any other Mom's experiencing this, can you give a girl a holla?  Oh mercy...

Yesterday, my neighbors were so generous to loan me a push mower for the back yard, as I wasn't able to get mine started.  He mowed my front yard and she weed eated...(is that a word even?) the entire yard.  Why, you ask...well, they are just that awesome for one.  For two, Matt has been working crazy overtime.  For three, last week I stepped in some holes in the yard while mowing and hurt my back pretty good. *hello my old friend from the flood injury*.  Again, totally blessed by the gift and friendship of others.  As I mowed, (you can laugh here, bc it's kinda silly...buttttt....) I began to sadden as each of the fluffy dandelion seeds got chopped down.  You just can't imagine how much Lillian enjoyed picking those babies and blowing them.  Just to see her be ABLE to blow them is incredible.  No, she could not blow before this last surgery.  Only if we pinched her nose closed, which you could imagine she didn't enjoy too much.  It is so strange to experience such strong emotions over something so seemingly simple.  It reminds me to be grateful for those "weeds" that spring up all over the place. 

Today, her glasses have gone MIA, and I am not in any shape to be crawling and bending all over the place to find say a prayer, if you will, that those things will be easily located.  :)


  1. Michelle, you are such an inspiration to me and I love reading your blog. I love little
    Lillian even though I have only seen her twice! Once is enough for that little angel. You all are always in my prayers!

  2. My heart is warm thinking of little Lillian and her dandelions. Worry not mom they always grow back. :)

  3. I just wanted to let u know that you and your daughters are such a precious gift every one of them. They are little rays of sunshine sent down by God himself brightening every ones day.