Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Build-A-Bear...err, a dog...

 Saturday was a busy day for us.  We (myself and the big girls, my sister and her daughter, and our mother) were guest singers at my sister's church up north.  After the church event, which was lovely, we decided to go the the mall and I would use my gift certificate for a massage since we were up there.  After that, we took little miss Lilli-bill to build a bear.  In the top picture, she is clinging onto my sister for dear life.  She wanted no part in filling the bear up because it was just too loud a machine.  I thought we were going to be outta there fast at this point.  BUT, once that part was over, we walked through the store a little and she found an outfit for "Ruff", we printed a birth certificate and headed out.  She was tickled to death.
 Shortly thereafter, we had to hightailit back to the van because she broke into another asthma type attack.  I have to tell you, I'm not liking those things AT ALL.  So- this is how we ended the quickest trip I've ever made to a mall.  :/ 

Notate, Ruff also wears glasses.  :)


  1. Love Ruff's outfit :)

  2. Lillian looks so cute with "Ruff" in his box. I didn't know about build a bear until a week ago. One of the guys at work retired and they got him one! He takes his 'other' bear on holiday everywhere and has it's photo taken. He now has 2 to take! Never actually been to a BAB factory though. It must have been so much fun for Lillian. Looks like she was thrilled. She's getting such a big girl Michelle. She looks a little delight.