Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This girl

 This girl, right here...she' s SICK.  Raging fever, vomiting, breathing troubles.
Yesterday  Mrs. Specch rushed into the waiting room with a very upset, coughing, vomiting Lillian.  We spent a good deal of time (probably not as long as it seemed, but in a waiting room wtih several people) letting her throw up into a trash can.  It was clear to me I needed to get her on a nebulizer ASAP.  Problem, travel neb not in car....(one of those kick yourself in the butt moments)  After some well meaning onlooker advice..ahem...(do you want a piece of ice from the cup I'm drinking out of...or someone just asking if she had asthma and then diagnosing RSV) we got her loaded in the van.  Mrs Speech drove us home as Mrs PT followed behind in her car.  God bless those girls for using half their lunch time to help me out.  I sat in back with Lillian catching vomit and snot in napkins.  Got her going on a treatment which helped immensely.  We then had to rush over and get Bethany to run her half hour away to get her allergy shots....only for Bethany to have a bad nosebleed all the way there.  Lillian fell asleep and I ran her feeding during the trip.  Upon reaching allergy office, they decide she can't get shots and needs to be seen by doctor, who can't see her til tomorrow in our own town.  Just as we leave allergy office, Lillian begins vomit volcano, to the point I'm pretty sure there was nothing left...all instigated by a hard cough.  What a day.  Lillian had a really rough night, requiring breathing treatments around the clock.  She is raging with a fever right now, but the tylenol must be kicked in because she finally crawled out of bed to play. 


  1. Thinking of Lillian today. Poor little girl. She (and you) are so strong. I hope she breaks that fever and is feeling better ASAP!

  2. Heavenly Father
    You know this little girl has suffered so much over the years, please grant her respite from her illness. Please strengthen her weak body. Please strengthen Michelle and help her cope with the day to day trials which nursing a sick child brings. Father, You know the frustrations, the tiredness, the times when Michelle must want to scream... help her Lord... be the lifter of her head and send encouragement her way today. AMEN

  3. Ugh, praying this is gone soon!