Sunday, June 7, 2009

Better but still feverish

Keep those prayers a-comin! Seriously, thank you all so much for the prayer. It just gives my heart peace. Lillian is still running around 102 and that's with tylenol and ibuprofen on board around the clock. She woke up in a bed of vomit this morning...(such a good mother) that I apparently did not wake up to. It obviously didn't disturb her or she'd have waken me...or I'm just a really bad mother and she cried herself to sleep. At any rate, she is still only getting pedialyte to "eat". Maybe tomorrow the fever will break. So far, no other symptoms are presenting themselves clearly.


  1. I'll be praying! I hope that she starts getting better soon! I'm so sorry that you and she are having to go through this!

    Is there a possibility that she could have a urinary trac in fection? Our 3rd son had these symptoms and ended up having one. He was VERY hot with fever and vomiting. The doctors were checking for so many other things and then because I asked them to check his urine, they found out he had an infection. It was so scary for a while because he was SO hot and SO out of it. He had a couple more bladder infections in the next 2 years after that and then nothing since.

    Hang in there!!!! PRAYING! HUGS!!!

  2. Will keep praying Michelle. You are tired and the enemy tends to sow thoughts into our minds to make us feel worse at such times. You need rest too so that you are able to cope with the demands which a sick child is placing upon you so don't feel bad about being human and sleeping through this situation.

    Michelle - I cannot truly empathise with what it's like to look after a sick child but I truly can empathise with what it is like not getting a full night's sleep. When I am exhausted, things seem so much worse than they really are. It's horrible. I can therefore truly empathise in respect of tiredness and pray for you in this respect with understanding.

    You'll get through... ;D

    W McCallum

  3. P.S. Going to make a card for yourself and Lillian and post it on my hobby blogsite...


    Wish I could send it to you but this is the next best thing... ((( HUGS )))