Monday, June 8, 2009

The Verdict is in

We just got back from the pediatrician and he believes it is related to her ears. I thought her fever had broken at four this morning, but it was back with avengance by eight or so. Right now, she is crying and sitting in a chair trying not to throw up. They gave her a shot and we will take her back Wednesday for another shot. We are supposed to keep doing the ear drops, trouble is knowing if the drops are actually reaching the trouble spots in the tubes.

He did have a look at her mouth and he was so impressed. He said it was one of the best palate repairs he'd ever seen.

Gotta go, she is supremely unhappy right now. She needs her Mamma!


  1. oh my Michelle that is the last thing she needs but isn't it nice to possibly know what is bothering her so much. I hope she is getting some antibiotics as well as the drops. That is great her doctor is so impressed with her mouth.

  2. Poor girl and Poor Momma! Hope she is feeling well very soon! Great news that the doctor thought her palate looked wonderful! HUGS!

  3. Oh Michelle, I am praying for this misery to stop. I am so sorry you are both having to endure all this.

    Praying, as always.

  4. I'm sorry to hear that she is still so sick. I will continue to pray that she gets better real soon!

  5. You guys must be wiped out, Sending prayers.