Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Ok, so I know this is going to sound totally ridiculous. Bear with me anyway. I have been working long and hard on Lillian's first year scrapbook. It has been such a labor of love. I had much more time to work on it when we had nursing care, but we haven't had that in quite some time. Initially, I wanted to get it done before she turned two...but time and circumstance definitely swayed the timetable. I am proud to announce, this past Sunday I finished her first birthday pages. WHEW! I can't even believe it. As thrilled as I am to have it done, I'm feeling a little sad. It has been in the making so long...and now it's done. I've incorporated some of the poetry I've written about her in there and I think I've captured a lot of her life in pictures. That first year seems like I was solely in survival mode. Just getting through one day at a time. Bittersweet. I've never before made a scrapbook with a sole purpose...ie vacation...christmas, you know. I'm just not that organized. I'm attempting but it's going to take a while..lol. I hope you enjoy a quick glimpse through this little video!

ok, so I had to make two videos...don't judge me...;)

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