Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cute as can be

Addendum- Please notate that Isaiah has his hood up and Lillian does not....more evidence for MOTY?? How can Amanda even think she can compete with that? *shakes head*

Yesterday, Lil and I made a quick run to hobby lobby and I bought some scrapbook/card supplies that I really really really needed. All the really's should be a cue there...*clears throat* anyway we were able to have lunch with Aunt Rita, Cousin Amanda and "the boys" as I affectionately call them or "my boys" as I have none of my own. Lillian seems ecspecially in tunw with Amanda's six year old, Isaiah. He seems to be drawn to her as well. It is just precious. He held her hand all the way out of the restaurant and as we walked to van he held her tight. He would not release her hand until someone else took over for him. You know I had to get me some pictures of that.

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  1. Yes - precious describes these 2 little ones (and ever so cute).

    Wendy xx