Sunday, March 20, 2011


See anything unusual about this bed?? I washed this up hoping it would be a nice little soft bed for our dog. It was left here in this house. So far, the dog...notsomuch. Someone else adamantly demands this is "MY BED" One hard slam of the hand to the chest....:)

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  1. Having taken up digital scrapbooking, I can only envy you the fabulous photos you have of Lillian. Love the photo of her in the shopping trolley and of course the picture above is brilliant. She is soooooooo cute.

    Sorry, I haven't been in touch for some time... it was so good to have you drop by my site and leave a message.

    At the moment, we are renovating an old stable to turn into a house/cottage. It is slow moving but we hope to be finished by the end of summer. We have our present house on the market but not a single viewing... the recession is hitting hard in our parts and houses are not selling but we really need to sell our house! I have to trust God that it will sell at the right time and not be disheartened.

    Anyway, must go for now. Got a phonecall last night to say our office at work was broken into. I don't think the robbers got any money but they messed the place up apparently.

    Please keep in touch Michelle.

    Wendy xx