Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gnomeo and Juliet

Today, for the first time EVER...Lil' Bil got to go to the movies. We all went as a family and she did INCREDIBLE. We started her feeding, which takes an hour, when the movie started and she did pretty well. She didn't freak out when it got dark..she did get a little nervous when the screen went dark btw previews though. She would reach out for me but was quickly calmed because the time was so short. She at popcorn, spit most of it out, and drank some ICEE. She got a little frisky when her feeding was over, but overall, I think she enjoyed it. Mostly, I love when she responds to the movie as any other child would. It cracks me up when she gets laughing at things that are funny. The theater wasn't very crowded, and the folks that were in it, were mostly kids.

Movie Review, it was cute. Worth a four dollar ticket and priceless as a first time for Lillian.


  1. That's so awesome! I took Autumn to see that in 3D and it was cute.

  2. What an awesome first! Congrats! We have yet to do that with Rissa. I hope she will have the attention span soon, it sounds like fun!

  3. it was a cute movie, glad miss L was able to enjoy it. And excuse me but how do you get a four dollar movie ticket???? Times three here!!!!