Monday, March 14, 2011

Just Cute

Round about Valentine's day, we were in Walmart and as we walked by the toy department, Lillian was drawn in to the end caps by a display of stuffed animals. There were all different kinds of animals, all themed for Valentine's. There were four puppies, all the same puppy, just different colors. She pointed to one of the puppies and I handed it to her, yet she kept pointing to another one. Eventually she had ALL the puppies in her arms and was tickled to death. At one point, she had them all lined up sitting in the cart beside her. We showed Daddy, and she took it pretty good when I put them all back on the shelf.

I always make a little something up for the girls for Valentine's day, and it is always difficult with Lillian because she can't have all that candy. (I guess if I wanted to wipe chocolate piles up off the floor all day...) You know I went back and got her one puppy.

The other day I was changing the sheet on her bed, and she went into a total frenzy, crying and distraught, she followed me to the basement, all the way back up stairs, and I just couldn't figure it out. Why the strong reaction to washing her sheets?? We've done this before...well, when I was remaking her bed, I found puppy beside her bed and she was instantly relieved. Aha, she thought I had tossed him in the washer. When am I EVER going to learn? lol

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  1. So cute, I'm surprised you got them out of her hands and back on the shelves!