Monday, March 28, 2011

A little visit with Pulmonolgy

Lillian had a follow up appointment with her pulmonologist today. We had not seen him in a year...gasp....I started relaying some of the issues we've been going through with the snot-a-polooza. They (both doctors) were not too thrilled with the looks of her nose. They did say her lungs sounded good though. Can I get a woo to the hoo? Although her lungs were clear today, Lillian has been having issues after she gets very active or sometimes even just mildly active. She gets to coughing and we have to just make her sit to get her calmed down. They say this is an asthma issue. SO---they asked me how much she is coughing and I said ALL NIGHT LONG. For months. For months she has been battling the issues with snot, ears, and sinus. The doctor wants her to start taking claritin and also added a daily pulmicort neb. In the last week, Lillian has gone from taking only Miralax to keep the poop moving, to nasal washes and nasonex twice a day, omnicef, prevacid, claritin, and pulmicort. I think this is the most medication she has been on since she was a tiny baby. Part of me is torn about it, but most of me just wants to find something that helps her. My prayer is that she will find some relief in all this medication. Having her off everything for sometime is apparently not the answer for her, as that is the road we have taken for the last two years. I'm ready to give drugs a chance again.

The above picture is of Lillian holding her baby cousin Riley. She just loves him to death!!


  1. Oh my word...I thought that was a big baby doll! LOL Such big eyes on Riley!
    Maybe the claritin and pulmicort can get the snot cleared up and you can get away from nasal washes. The only thing I see wrong with that many meds (besides administering them all!) is how will you know which one is working? I hope it will clear things up for her and that she can get better sleep. And you too!

  2. She is too cute with that baby cousin. What a pair... my Ashley is just on the Miralax and boy that is good stuff. I hope all the meds help she you and her get some sleep at night. Poor Mama too.