Monday, January 23, 2012

Five years "and change"

Today we had Lillian's well visit with her pediatrician.  HA!!  Typing that sounds funny to me.  "well visit" 

We found out
1.  She's in the 0 percentile...(also funny)
2.  She does have her own little curve...lots of dips, but a curve none the less
3.  She is probably going to get shoe orthotics bc of her flat feet and ankles turning in
4.  This child has NO, I mean NO fat on her little tiny body.  (wish I could donate to that)
5.  We did not get vaccines because she is getting sick again
6. We are starting her prophylaxis antibiotic a week early in regards to #5
7.  She did not approve of the Dr checking a concern I had in the diaper area.
8.  She weighed 29lbs once before on her 4 year well child visit. 
9.  We may need to start the pulse ox again at night.
10.  Dr will order a pre surgery care plan meeting before any further surgeries.

She resumed speech today as well and will have OT and ST again on Thursday and we'll be back to all three next week.  She did a great job with her ST today.  She can blow a recorder now.  Amazing.  We have an appointment next Monday for a foot clinic here in town. 

I cannot wait until she is talking and can tell me who all her angels are that she talks and plays with.  It is so interesting to see her play with her invisible people.  Here's the thing...none of my kids had an imaginary play mate....and how would Lillian even know such a thing existed?  When she was around 12-18 months old I would catch her motioning and mouthing to things above her crib. 

She is a light, my friends.  I continue to bathe in the joy of seeing her do new things and realizing what a blessing she's brought to my life.  It's not always easy, and I struggle all along the way, but I try never to lose sight of the incredible blessing she is. 


  1. Glad it went "well":)....She has come a long way in her little life!

  2. I absolutely LOVE this post. I know you are having a hard time right noted in the more recent post, but you are right in saying that it's important to keep you sight on the blessings. I don't know if I have asked you this yet, but I'm wondering if you would be ineterested in sharing her story on Carter's Hope (obviously when things slow down for you) can check out my blog to read more about it. I'm sending so many prayers and much love that her sickness passes quickly. Keep on keepin' on!