Monday, January 16, 2012

One week ago

Actually one week one day ago, I spent most the night time hours up with Lillian.  She coughed and coughed and coughed and coughed and..well, you get the drift.  Anyway, by Sunday afternoon one of her ears was bleeding.  We cleaned out a good little amount of blood and I thought, ok we start drops.  So I did.  4 am Monday morning she wakes with eyes glued shut.  Also repeat of previous nights' cough fest.  (and you all know by now, her cycle...cough cough cough, puke puke puke, repeat)  By Monday late morning her eyes look absolutely terrible, she looked terrible, she felt terrible.  By Monday night, both ears are draining nasty junk and our ped has called in drop for pink eye.  Tuesday night cough fest continues to the point of me adding albuterol nebs back to our regimen.  (thank you JESUS for albuterol) I think by Wednesday I started her on Levoquin and 24 hours later she is showing marked improvement.  I mean not all better, but definitely improved.  Nights still being the worst of it all.  Momma not sleeping because Lillian's drainage causing so much cough.  By Tuesday I was in shut down mode.  I was SOOOO tired.  Too many nights in a row of up and down up and down.  or just plain up all night. Wednesday I was in drone mode.    Friday she went back to school.  I had to cancel her therapy last Monday, that is supposed to happen tomorrow.  I had to go to the dr myself Friday for BP meds, is it any surprise that my BP was too high???  ugh.  Lillian is sleeping much better.  I've been able to drop the albuterol as of Saturday and tonight I hope to sleep a normal night.  Crossing fingers!! 

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  1. Your days and nights sound very similiar to my last 2 weeks! Fun, Fun, Fun! Hope you got better sleep last night! Hugs!