Thursday, January 5, 2012


  • Glasses...will this girl EVER learn to wear them??  We had her pretty good in them until we had surgeries .  Now, we have had to start ALL over trying to get her to keep them on.  We have lost them more times than I can count.  You would think I would not stress over it, but I do....just when they are lost of course.  *sighs*
  • Surgery updates...her feedings are up to normal and she went back to school yesterday.  Good news, she is babbling like a baby learning to talk.  Gives me lots of hope.  Makes me smile big time!! I can't decide if I think her swallow has improved yet.  I'm sure she's still healing.
  • Therapy...we have appts for reevaluations on Monday.  I dread getting into that rigamarole again.  AND they of course  do not have our same time slots open.Big shocker.  Now that's going to be all different. If we didn't have to work around feeding schedules and and school...bleck. I hung up the phone feeling all annoyed because its like I have to fight for them to work with her for an hour.  I say is that when she was an INFANT, they pushed her for an hour and now it just seems like they don't know how to engage her for an hour.  Me?  I just need to be able to understand that before I am ok with them cutting her therapy time.
  • Sinus Infection?  Yep, I'm betting.  Green globs coming out her nose and drainage like crazy at night, toss in some nighttime barfing along side.
  • Potty training....ugh...I think we are still a ways off on that. 
  • Happy...she is so happy.  Which makes her Momma happy. 

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  1. Yay for the talking and being happy!.....As for the rest, why can't a Momma's life just be easy once in awhile?! Hugs!