Sunday, May 3, 2009

16 Days

Fingers crossed, prayers lifted. I believe my plan of action is to take Lillian to the doctor tomorrow. Start her on any and all preventative medicactions, such as toby, ear drops, and anything else the Doctor will consent to. She needs this surgery desperately. Last night I had to turn up her oxygen. I don't know if she's got some plugs moving around in there because she seemed to be fluctuating a lot. She's napping right now and I have her hooked up to her monitor and she's holding a solid 93. Coughing continues which I think insights most of the puking, but not always. I almost hate to know what her weight is. Good bye 23 lbs. I know that for sure.

*breathes deeply*

Dear Lord, please place your all encompassing hands on Lillian's little body. Give her strength and good health to be able to endure her coming surgery. I know You and You alone can grant all these things I ask. Your faithful servant.....


  1. Praying the puking stops! Praying the coughing stops! Praying that she stays healthy for surgery and that the surgery goes well! Oh, and I'll throw in a prayer for Momma as well! Hang in there!

  2. Hon, I am keeping my fingers crossed for ya too! I am hoping and praying that your bubbalicious will be well enough to do the surgery.

  3. Praying hard! I think preventative meds are a good idea. Addison always likes to spike a fever the day before a surgery and the day they want to discharge. Or maybe she does it more frequently and I'm just monitoring more closely at those times. Anywhooo...hang in.