Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm a sick woman....

Ok, I should officially be considered MOTY bc I thought it was funny how my child reacted when placed on versed...and sickest yet, I'm posting it for everyone to see. I'll apologize now because I am not smart enough to get it turned the right was a cell phone video. This video is still not as funny as she was in the beginning. She was smiling and seeing the purple elephants....FUNNY.

This is a picture of her....

This is what you see when you come off the elevator and I didn't realize it (probably bc I was a nervous wreck and I only had two hours sleep) but the pastor pointed out her name on the board.

To give a brief synopsis, I did like the hospital, I felt the doctor was extremely caring. I liked not having to deal with 10 different residents/students before we actually got down to brass tacs. Don't get me wrong, it was different...a lot different from a nursing care standpoint....but I'm very comfortable moving her care there. She was in a private room in a quite quad and all the nurses were very caring. I feel we are and have made the right decisions. Now, the road to decannulation begins!!!
Today, Lillian has been pretty fussy off and on, but overall doing well.
Thank you for continued prayer and support!!


  1. Hey, hold on a minute there. You can not take my MOTY! I was the first to post a video of my daughter drunk on Versed way back in January. J and I were laughing at her too. Then, I posted another similar vid in April.

    And, just to be clear, drunk kids are only funny when they are drunk on a med the doc orders. But make no mistake, it IS funny!! ;)

    Hands off my MOTY lady!!!!!

    How neat that the hospital wrote her name on the board to welcome her. Glad you are having a more positive hospital experience with the new one.

  2. Cute pictures and video! What fun is mothering if we didn't show off our goofy kids?! Plus, you bring so much pleasure to your fellow bloggers! We need smiles too! I'm sure Lillian doesn't care either!

    I pray that she is doing well and that you are too! Try to have a great weekend! HUGS!

  3. she looks good, Michelle

  4. Stopping by with love and hugs!

  5. I have been praying for you both and will continue to pray. xx

  6. ... and Lillian - you make me smile :)
    (((( Hugs )))) all the way from Scotland to you. xx