Saturday, May 2, 2009

WHY won't this PUKING stop????

Puke-fest continues at the Halcomb home. I just don't know what to do.....I guess I should be uber concerned, but since this is something we've dealt with from the get go, I'm not.

She is in a great mood and doesn't seem like she feels bad at all. We have had to throw in a few duo-nebs and have started giving her ear drops again, (although i don't know how much good they do) So frustrating. She had done so well before this last hospitalization. I will say, however, that she is not throwing up at all with her night drip. It's just so darn hard.


  1. First, I read the last post, EWE!!!!!

    I hope that Lil' stops puking soon.

    Wow, I missed a lot of post! Her hair does look cute in the curly pony tail:)

    Sorry you are not able to craft:(

  2. Once again, we are walking such a similar path!! You gotta stop spying on me!!

    Marissa has had a puking problem since her g-tube was placed (no nissen). We have talked Nissen many times. After her pneumonia in Feb, she stopped puking. Hooray, right? Wrong. Two months later, we had to go and mess with her very sensitive system and take her tonsils and adenoids out. Two months without puking and now she's back at it. We are hoping it is just that the surgery has heightened her gag reflex and she will soon stop. But who knows?

    Marissa also tolerates her night drip very well. She gets a little more than half her 24-hour volume at night, so she has been able to gain weight since we started doing that.

    Like I said, you gotta stop spying on me NutJim!!!

    I'm praying for puke-fest to come to an end at your house. Have a great rest of your weekend!