Saturday, May 16, 2009

Do you think? 3 Days

Do you think if I don't write about the fact that Lillian spiked a fever two nights ago that it won't matter??? Do you think if I don't write that she puked her entire last feeding that it won't make a difference? Um-no, notsomuch, but it did. I truly believe this is all linked to her ears or perhaps teething?? *wink wink* Let's just go with that shall we?

The KY trip was fine. We actually spent more time driving there and back than the actual appt. They basically asked history and were very concerned with getting her last cardiology report. Everyone there was uber-friendly, my sister thinks it was just good old southern hospitality. Maybe...or maybe they just care. The surgery waiting room was PACKED. I could not believe it and I SO did not want to have to sit in there with Lil, but I didn't have a choice. They said it was unusually busy for them that day. I doubt there will be that many on surgery day, let's call it P-day just for fun. Get it? On P-day we have to be there at 0630, translates to leaving our house at o'dark hundred. Believe it or not, I think we actually have everything lined up for the girls. Have I mentioned I have super good friends? I just need to get a lasagna made for supper that night. I will be spending the night there with her and they are going to try to pull and ENT into the surgery to take a look at those ear tubes. Fingers crossed. 3 Days. 3 short days. This most pleasant visit also makes me feel really good about transferring her care. I need to do some research into getting that going as well.

Our move is officially official. We are in need of some financial blessings in that respect as well, so if you could remember that in your prayers I'd really appreciate it.

Thank you for you prayers and comments, it really means a lot to me.


  1. Oh my Michelle, I will be praying for you and your little one.

    I just wanted to let you know, how much you make me smile. I always chuckle when I read your comments. Thanks so much for being so uplifting.

    Thanks for clearing up the chicken or the egg thing. You know I was just thinking, maybe God put the egg there and then it just hatched, but that would be dumb right. It would have to be fertilized. Like I said my mind sometimes goes off on a tangent!

    Have a great weekend my friend!

  2. THinking about you, Lil, and your family!

  3. I can't believe it's 3 days! I will SO be praying for you guys. Please keep us posted. Oh, and I NEED to hear about that dream!

  4. Life is good and all will be well! Hang in there.....Miracles are going to happen. I just know it.

  5. You're doing good, Michelle. Hang in there! Sending prayers