Thursday, May 28, 2009

I hate to be so descriptive

Well, not really....that smell, the one I keep saying is coming from my fair child's mouth/nose. The smell that I can only compare to like a dead critter smell, sorry...but it's true. It's normal. That is truly disturbing to me. It doesn't seem possible that a living breathing person should have that emminating from their body. ugh.

Puking continues and since I started this post last night, today I'm feeling freshly discouraged. I should not complain, there are so many "worse" things that could be happening, but my goodness, she does need nutrition to be able to heal and grow and get healthy. I cannot understand why we are having this never ending pukefest. Is this a part of chromosome problems and why does it happen in waves??? I'm so burdened. A day has not gone by since mid march that she has not puked at every bolus feeding. I want to cry, I want to be upset, I want to lash out.....ITS NOT FAIR FOR HER. Hasn't she been through enough. She's GOT to be tired and I know I am. I'm not talking spit up here, I'm talking full on vomit til its gone.

On a slightly less depressing note....she is having so much fun today throwing new bags of socks all around the living room. What a nut.


  1. What do the docs say about the puking? Have they talked about that flap in her stomach not closing and doing a Nissen? Or did I miss that somewhere?
    That's got to be discouraging and tiring!

  2. I was dreading the smell that was supposed to come with Marissa's T & A, but it never showed up. Was she given antibiotics to help with this problem? It is weird and disturbing that it is "normal"

    And the puking, I can imagine only a fraction of what you and Lillian are going through. It was bad with Marissa for a long time. It has gotten better, but still there sometimes. I hate it, and I hate it for Lillian too. It IS unfair.

    Try to have a great weekend and know that I am thinking of and praying for you guys all the time.

  3. That must be so incredibly hard to endure puking everyday with each bolus feeding. It's a common thing with chromosomal kiddos, although with Isaac he had HORRIBLE reflux in the NICU and then he had a fundo and we have never seen him puke/relux ever since. I will be praying for rest for both you and Lillian this weekend.

  4. Heavenly Father
    You see this situation and You know Michelle is tired and disheartened right now. You see the depth of love she has for her child and how it pains her to see Lillian so sick. Father, you know how much we can bear. Please give Michelle some time to rest, pray and feed upon Your Word for strength. Please also give her some time for herself somewhere in the midst of her busy life. But more than anything Father, please strengthen Lillian's tiny frame. Bless this whole family and protect their minds and emotions. AMEN

  5. I hope that things are getting better! Poor thing, puking is SO NOT FUN and neither is worrying about it and cleaning it up! Hang in there Momma! HUGS!!!