Thursday, April 30, 2009

#1 Reason to NOT let your child play with diaper wipes...

Yeah, it's not pretty.

I go in the kitchen to get Lillian's eleven oclock feeding, leaving her in the living room finishing her breathing treatment. When I return to LR I get the faint smell of poop and think oh man, she must have pooped again (having just changed a stinky dipey) only to find Miss Thing ----

the following information may possibly gag weak stomached readers

chewing on a diaper wipe. Upon closer examination (conjuring previous smell into memory) I realize she has, somehow, gotten her hands on dirty dipey and is chewing/sucking on poopy diaper wipe. *pauses for gagging*

Now-I ask you- how you gonna get poop out of mouth, can't very well wash it out???? *gags some more*

*shakes head and blechs*

Aren't you glad for once I didn't take pics of this lovely occurence? UM no, the camera not at the fore front of my brain in those exact moments....

So, onto infinitely nicer topics...yesterday during Lillian's developmental therapy and today during speech when given to choices of animals on flash cards, Lillian repeatedly chooses the right animals over and over again!! (different animals of course) It was TOTALLY awesome. There has been/is so much fear deep within me about the capabilities Lillian will hold from a developmental standpoint and to see her doing things that are "normal" as well as improved is just a feeling I can' t even describe. You know how it feels when your babies start to walk or that excitement of potty training? Multiply that by about a billion. Indescribable!!


  1. Ummmm..... yeah...... ummmmm........ hmmmmm.... eeeewwwwww!! That's pretty much all I have to say.


    Now to clear my mind.... pink fuzzy fluffy bunnies, pink fuzzy fluffy bunnies, pink fuzzy fluffy bunnies... There, that's better!


  2. Lillian's DT is sooooooooo proud...As for the wipes...well, I can't think of much other than I suppose that is developmentally appropriate?!!! As for washing your hair, please stay away from Nair at all costs (although that would really make me giggle!!!)

  3. *rolls around laughing hysterically*

    P.S. She's a genius and I know it!!

    I LOVEEEEEEE the new layout doogie thingie majig!

    *laughs some more*

  4. GROSS!!! I would have been in hysterics! And, definitely gagging! You poor thing! UGH!

    Onto better things: Great Job Lillian!!! This is fantastic! She's a smarty pants! I'm so happy for you!

  5. Oh no not the poopy eater of the wipey things!! I got a chuckle! Thanks.

  6. oh my .. i having one of those weeks too i have to tell you. We are fighting stomach flu again here luckily the new born and Ashley didn't get it but everyone else did. Poor little Lillian eating yucky wipes

  7. oh question for you michelle how do you manage 5 kids I'm already running out of time for sleeping and eating and I'm only 2 weeks into 4 kids. I hope it will get better when everyone here is healthy.