Friday, April 10, 2009

Busy Morning

Lillian had a fabulous day. We had ST where she tried some news tastes and she also played on the computer some. Then it was off to school to make our copies. She was such a ham smiling and loving on the staff. I think they might be in love with her too. She got to play at Amy's desk but not before being scared to death by one of the very tall teachers. She's sometimes more afraid of men and this particular teacher was well over six feet tall and had a very deep voice. She got to crying and had one of those non-breathing/coughing/puking episodes. I wound up covered in vomit, and poor Amy---she jumped right in there with the burp rags, but it scared her to death. My buddy, Deb, was there to help out with the suction thank goodness. Woo, it was a busy morning. We made a visit to Isabelle's class and a visit with Rebecca's teacher. I swear I think we disrupt the whole school when we are there. All in all, Lillian had a fantastic day. Feedings are still going pretty well---and I am so thankful. I think her ears and greenies are clearing up which is all good. 0h-almost forgot-daddy took Lillian to the park and she had a ball.


  1. I love that you say she had a good day... despite the harrowing non-breathing/coughing/puking episode! Boy that sounds like it was scary. So glad you had people there to help you out.

    What a joy Miss Lil is! She loves swinging!

    Have a wonderful Easter weekend!


  2. She is such a cutie. She looks so happy on the swing. Swings can do that. One time I had to push Lindsey on the swing for 45 minutes and I was pregnant with the second kid. Oye, I got tired:)